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Garage Doors can be Dangerous  

Garage doors are safer than they used to be 20 years ago, but parents should still be extremely careful when their kids are in the garage. 
As every parent wants to protect their children, but most people are not aware of how garage doors can be fatal and can pose significant dangers to your children?

It's true that features on garage doors like automatic “electronic eye” sensors have made garage doors much safer. But malfunction or a moment’s inattention can still come about to injury.  

What can I do to make garage door area safer 
1. Tech children to stay away from garage doors, The garage is not a place to play. 
2. Never duck under the garage door when it's closing. 
3. Make sure your garage door has a good working  electric eyes. 

4. Always check to see your garage door motor is in good working order. 

5. Call a professional to do maintenance

Reasons to Change your Garage Door system 

Increase the value of your house. Garage doors make your home look elegant 
Decrease your garage door maintenance needs. Less repairs will be needed
Better protection. It's much harder to break-in with the new systems.
Minimize the risk of injury to you and your family. New garage door systems are much safer and reliable.
Improve the appearance of your home. 

The most useful garage door accessories 

a. LiftMaster Internet Gateway. Using a wifi app you can open and close your garage door remotely, no matter where you are. web link 
b. Battery Backup System. this way even if you have a power outage your garage door will still go up and down. web link 
c. Laser parking system. Park your car in the garage perfectly everytime. web link 
d. Wireless exterior keypad. Control the garage door without taking anything with you. web link 

The Signs of an Unbalanced Garage Doors
Here are some of the signs that your garage doors could be unbalanced  

When your garage door locks it's uneven. When ascending or descending your garage door it's visibly uneven, there is definitely something wrong. This could be do to different reasons, such as a broken or worn torsion spring, or frayed spring cable on one side but not the other.
Your garage door is making unusual noise. If your garage door starts to make load or unusual noise, it could be a sign something has gone bad. It could be a failing spring or cable.
Your garage door starts to close by itself when you’ve opened it manually.
Garage door won’t open. You definitely know there's something wrong when your door won’t ajar. 

Are All Las Vegas Garage Door Repair Services Created Equal? 

It's Just like going to a restaurant, you might like a particular food at one place but order the same dish at another restaurant and you might think what happened. Well at our Las Vegas garage door repair service company we made sure that if you ever use our garage door services and than you try another company it will feel like you didn't get the customer service that Swift Garage Door Repair Of Las Vegas had offered you in the past. We've taken customer service to a whole different level. We see it as you would see it and that means we want our customers to receive what we would expect as if we where the customer and had no knowledge of the garage door repair industry. And yes that means providing not just good service but great service. If you ever need help from a manager you'll never be turned down as we understand the need of having that personal touch. You deserve the best and therefor you'll get it with us day in and day out.

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