Fidelity Solar Energy of Florida announces their all-new location.   

As one of the all new leading solar energy panels systems retailer Fidelity Solar Energy of Florida has announced their all new location. They will be located in Port St Lucie at 1680 SW Bayshore Blvd Suite 100-B, Port St. Lucie, FL 34984. The official name of this branch is called Fidelity Solar Energy of Port St Lucie. The CEO has said that the new branch will offer the same solar energy panel products as all the other locations. And will have the new solar energy panels system in Port St Lucie available as early as the beginning of December. Fidelity solar Energy has made a name for themselves by taking steps to make the consumer more educated about solar energy power and what it can and can't do. This company has said that when you make the consumer more knowledgeable you get a wise consumer that's happier and more proficient. Making the end score a well seasoned patron that buys solar panels without regrets. And as a solar energy power company in Port St Lucie Florida they aim to become the well known reliable no hidden High stature company. 

Fidelity Solar Energy company statement.

Fidelity Solar Energy Of Port St Lucie will be offering Panasonic solar energy panels among other name brands, and will always offer products that provide a superior warranty from what was just available twenty years ago. As a company that offers solar energy panels systems in Port St Lucie Florida we will bring most consumers multiple options to choose from so the consumer can decide what's right for them. In all cases our sales team knows that our CEO has instructed that we rather have a smaller profit with our clients getting the better deal, better product, and better warranty. We simply believe that if a company does the right thing it will elevate itself as time goes on.

In addition to what you may already know.

​When we asked Fidelity Solar Energy about what makes todays solar energy panels better than the ones sold just twenty years ago? The manager of Fidelity Solar Energy in Port Saint Lucie said there's many factors like the warranty today covers products up to twenty-five years on products made by Panasonic for example. Another factor is, how that warranty has a clauses that covers the function expectations. Meaning solar energy panels should work with only certain amount of loss capability year over year. 

​And one of the most noticeable peace of information that the consumer might notice. Is the price versus how efficient solar energy power has become. In addition to that, some are saying that in the last ten years, the average price of solar has dropped by over 68%, and since 1980 there's a 90% reduction in solar energy power panels market price drop (if not more). 

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