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Las Vegas garage door repair coupons and savings

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Garage Door Springs Repair

Replacing Garage Door Springs 101 

Garage door spring repairs just about always involve replacement of the springs. This is do to the springs usually do their job perfectly till they completely go out. The garage door springs are part of the actual garage door itself, not the opener of the garage door. What the springs actually do is make it much easier to lower and raise the garage door. They usually last for years to come, but eventually all that garage door weight, the weather changes, gravitate to weaken the metal and leads to a garage doors needing repairs and replacements..

The action for replacing garage door springs depends on the type of garage door springs you have and whether you will do the work on your own or hire a garage door repair Las Vegas company ( or whatever city you live in). 

How To Know a Garage Door Spring Was Broken and Needs a Repair Job.

In most cases people don't realize their garage door spring has damage until they try to use the door, or they hear their garage door opener is making tremendous noise than usual. Garage doors can weigh hundred of pounds, and when  a single garage door spring goes out it's garage door repair time. When a garage door spring goes out it can sound like a gunshot If you're home.

Garage Door Spring Safety Warning 

If you have a garage door opener and you think a garage door spring was broken, do not disengage the opener from the garage door (by pulling the red emergency release handle) while the door is open. If you do, the garage door will come crashing down with nothing to stop it at full weight.

This is a very dangerous situation. Never leave the garage door open when a spring has been broken because someone could try to use the door without knowing how heavy it is. As they could pull the emergency release handle on the opener.

Types of Garage Door Springs

In most cases residential garage doors have one of two types of garage door springs- extension and torsion. Torsion garage door springs are heavy duty style springs installed to a metal rod that runs parallel to the garage door, exactly above the door opening in most cases. The garage door springs are loaded, or tensioned, in a twisting action. When the door closes, cables attached to the bottom corners of the door pull on pulleys attached to the ends of the metal rod the springs are mounted on.

The pulleys turn the medal rod, which twists the springs and creates high tension. When the garage door is opened, the springs unwind and help lift the door up.

Extension style springs are long and lighter-weight springs that run at an angle of 90 to the door and are mounted above the horizontal portions of the garage door tracks. Those springs are tensioned by stretching out, using pulleys and cables, as with the torsion type system. Because extension garage door springs are hardly suspended between two brackets (they are not mounted to a rod, like torsion garage door springs), they have to have a safety cable running through each spring. This helps keep the spring in the event of a breakage. If there wasn't safety cable in place, and a spring was to break under tension it would be a serious safety hazard. So If for some reason you have an older system that does not have safety cables you should call a Las Vegas garage door repair company and have it done professionally.

To DIY or Not To DIY

In the home improvement business there are routine recommendation for garage door spring repair: always have a pro do it. This is common sense. Never hire a garage door repair company in Las Vegas without checking reviews and recommendations. And last but not least see if the garage door company is licensed to do the repairs properly. 

(if you don't live in Las Vegas check with your local contractor Board if the garage door repair company is listed with them). 

''This Garage Door Service Should Only Be Done By a Garage Door Repair Professional''.